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LIFEMAP is a  planning and visual experience that allows you to create, design and execute every pillar of your life exactly the way you want it - to actually step into living the life you’ve always imagined.  

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HEATHER BLAISE, Performance Coach


I have manifested creating an amazing program to help business owners set up their businesses in a way that allows them time and money freedom to do what they love while also making a move back to San Diego! When I created my LIFEMAP with the planning and visualization process Jeremy and Novalena created in addition to using their life hacks, I was at the beginning stages and now, about 1 year later, I’m living it! It totally works. Being clear on the destination and what we want to create is how we recognize the how when it shows up. Super excited for this!

An easy 1-2-3 step process for living your dream life.

LIFEMAP is about aligning your power within to put thought to pen to inspired art displayed in your home or office or anyplace you can energize and review in the present moment whenever you want.  

Having your LIFEMAP on display in a place personal to you that you can see and focus on with your emotions of JOY, PASSION, LOVE, FAITH, HAPPINESS, POSITIVITY, FREEDOM allows the realization of success in the 5 fundamental pillars of LIVING: Spirit, Health, Relationships, Greatness, and Lifestyle. 

The LIFEMAP gives you the confidence to see the LIFE you want to CREATE and the easy action steps to make those experiences a reality everyday. 



  • Receive the clarity you need in your heart’s desire to have fun with creating the life you actually deserve to live. 


  • Once you finally allow yourself to connect to the thoughts and dreams that would make your life your best possible life, then you can design the 5 pillars to flow with ease and grace to make that life a reality.


  • Mastering the LIFEMAP techniques to keep your vibe high, your MAP energized with positive emotions and your mindset ONLY focused on what you want ACCELERATES your LIFEMAP into a LIVING ARTIFACT -- your life will unfold in a way that feels like MAGIC!


One cool insight of the LIFEMAP process is deeply learning how to master the law of visualization and the impact it has on bringing your key desires from idea to physical form.


This process will allow you to learn and  master the key techniques of positive affirmation and emotional intelligence that allows your LIFEMAP to become your reality.

Ready to start your life in 2021 now?

The LIFEMAP is simply the most important planning tool you can experience that is all about YOU! 

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So how does the LIFEMAP work?

The LIFEMAP is a simple and easy process that creates a map of the 5 pillars of your life and literally shows you each step to take to achieve it.  

Your LIFEMAP is focused on pulling out the desires in (from) your mind and heart and transferring those to a physical portrait - aka your LIFEMAP - that you can hang on your wall in your office, bedroom or place of inspiration to review daily to keep you on track.  

The Life Map pulls your focus towards the most important questions: 

  • What do I want my personal and work life to feel and look like?  
  • What does my ideal relationship feel and look like? 
  • Do I even want kids?  
  • Who are the best values aligned business partners for me?  
  • What talents do I possess that support me reaching my financial goals from home?  
  • What action steps do I need to take to make all of this happen?  

The answers to these questions will be unique to you and what you desire - different than any other person. This is your personal map.  

Here's what you're getting TODAY:


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  • 4 Weeks Live Coaching & Training with The Nichele's - Design Your LIFEMAP ($1,500)
  • LIFEMAP 15+ Video Courses ($500)
  • LIFEMAP Workbook ($250)
  • LIFEMAP Personal Wall Portrait ($250)
  • LIFEMAP Facebook Community Access ($250)
  • Bonus excerpts from Novalena's Law of Love Program ($150)
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This past weekend Renee and I crafted our LIFEMAP. It was the first time this year that I had the time, environment, tools, and collective effervescence of an awesome group to piece everything together.
Excellent facilitation, solid support tools, and games like a 5 year anniversary dinner (where we shared our contributions to the world, and pictures of future children), produced amazing results and our paper LIFEMAP will be printed into a poster and put into digital form to update as we complete milestones.
It's no wonder that the finished maps look like human genome sequences! I'm even more confident and excited about the FUTURE, Rare Media, love, business ventures and partnerships as a result.

DAVID SCHMIDT, Wellness Coach


Five years ago with the brilliant support of Jeremy and Novalena I embarked upon my LIFEMAP journey to manifest through reverse engineering the five major areas of life that best support my “raison d’être.”

Since then my LIFEMAP has traveled with me all over the world and today I am both thrilled and amazed to see just how many written dreams have come to fruition. I highly recommend that you honor yourself with the gift of life mapping your own dreams into reality and watch the magic unfold.

JT CLOUGH, Entrepreneur


I am currently living in an apartment situation. First time really in my whole life. I had a short term lease coming up and was ready to get out early. When everything seemed like a dead end, or awful or nothing was going to be available in the area I want to stay in, I put it out there in the universe. I let go of how I would have dealt with it in the past and just kept moving forward. I found a house that I thought would be perfect, but got no response from the email I sent about it. Then let it go to knowing the perfect place for me would come up. Two weeks later I got an email on a Sunday morning from the owner of the home saying he'd found me in his junk mail and though several people had applied, I seemed like the perfect person for it, did I want to come look at it?  Whala! Done. It was so easy. And it's perfect.

Ready to live a new reality?

The LIFEMAP works for anyone who wants to truly pull out their deepest desires, build a plan around those desires, and execute their action steps from that MAP every day.  

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